Cassius, Eva and Hugh

June 28, 2016


 When brother and sister, Cassius and Eva, along with their baby cousin Hugh, came for a photoshoot I knew it was going to be a fun shoot!!


Capturing one toddler can be tricky, as it is just not in their nature to sit still for more than a few seconds! So capturing the three of them kept me and their mums on our toes!  I think this was the only picture we managed of all of them together, as they patiently waited for the bubbles to appear! However, I did manage to catch some beautiful images of them on their own - don't they all have the most gorgeous eyes!



Although these photos look like all was calm, behind the scenes was a bit different, keeping them entertained and convincing them it really was fun to have their photos taken! Hats off to their mums who had amazing singing, clapping, bubble blowing and pretend sneezing skills! 



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